Rally at Brooklyn College – 10/3/13

brooklyn_collegeThursday afternoon, I journeyed  to the south end of the #2 and #5 trains to address a rally defending  the thirty-year old  Graduate Center for Worker Education satellite campus in Lower Manhattan that was summarily shut down by the college administration. I joined center graduate and Councilman Jumaane Williams, and State District leader Cory Provost in lauding the program and denouncing this latest injustice perpetrated against New York City residents. Workers deserve the chance to earn a Master’s degrees in Urban Policy and Administration to help bring social justice to New York City, which is at present the most unequal city in the United States, and more unequal in terms of income and assets than it has been since slave days. In 1998, the Wolfe Institute, in cooperation with Brooklyn College’s Department of History and the
Department of Africana Studies, presented a Humanities Colloquium on my book, “Race and Class Politics in New York City Before the Civil War.”



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3 responses to “Rally at Brooklyn College – 10/3/13

  1. Janelle Barabash

    would have come to support the issue. next time announce the event to supporters on email.

  2. Great. I agree with Janelle Barabash that events need to be announced on multiple media, including email lists. Btw, is there anything yet on the Bronx Forum on Veterans’ Affairs event which took place Friday, Oct 4 at Lincoln Hospital, and where Tony Gronowicz spoke. In my view the treatment, or rather mis-treatment which veterans are receiving is really a shame, and a disgrace. I am a Vietnam-era vet, and hearing some of these vets speak at the forum, highlighted the neglect and disregard which our vets face at the hands of all levels of government. I would hope and trust that the Green Party and its candidates would offer better public policy, and more respect for our veterans.

  3. Green Party Teacher

    Get the word out to public school teachers. Corporate reform is killing the schools

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