After learning that I had come in 4th out of 15 mayoral candidates in balloting marred by numerous violations of election procedures and vote counting that we are challenging, on Friday November 8, a number of CUNY faculty and students journeyed to City College where we witnessed the latest twist in CUNY’s twisting the neck of the US Constitution.  At the 9 AM rally and speech-making, we learned that the college administration had made the outrageous offer to drop all charges against Tafador “Taffy” Sourov and Khalil Vasquez if they agreed not to engage in any campus political activity, an unconstitutional demand that they turned down. A number of us then accompanied the two suspended City College students to the front doors of the NAC building where their disciplinary hearings would be held. “Security” told us that access could only be gained through a heavily guarded side entrance.  Once there at 10 AM, we were informed that only 14 of us would get in. I was included because I represented the Academic Freedom Committee of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC). Two days earlier, this committee had overwhelmingly (including the two distinguished professors who are members of the fifteen -person committee) endorsed the student demands.  At 11:25 AM, a “suit” (not a uniformed officer) upped the entrance ante.  He told us that only those without bags could get in.  I was carrying my usual BMCC Student Government bag.  This was the first time I had experienced such a request by any CUNY employee.  As I had to go to my 1 PM work shift at the Park Slope Food Coop, I left.  On the subway, I managed to read the excellent 3 solid pages of coverage that The Envoy, Hunter College’s student newspaper, gave to Taffy and Khalil’s banishment from City College.


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  1. Larry Stevens

    Hi Tony, I voted for you for mayor. I’ve just been watching your interview with that annoying Harold Channer and left them a comment about him. I wish you and the Green agenda great luck.
    Larry Stevens.

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